Thursday, September 23, 2010

mark wahlberg works in the cafeteria at the seminary

i'm sick.
i said to the doctor on Monday, "i think i'm getting sick"
and she said, "yep, you are. isn't much i can do about that"
so i've been pumping myself with water, zinc, vitamins, and lots of extra sleep.
In addition to the sickness, i'm still not drinking coffee. I've had several thoughts today about how my sinus headache would be slightly alleviated by some nice, dark caffeine. and i'm still not watching tv (ok ok, i snuck in a half a movie the other night when the sick started creeping in - but just half of one while i ate dinner then went to bed). And i'm still waking up at 6am every day. but this has been the week of 9:30 bedtime and i like that.
Boom Shock.
I'm strugglin to find interesting things to write about. Going apple picking this Sunday (if i'm not super sick) and can't wait to take pictures. I might be more excited about the photo-ops than the apple picking itself. Oh, and the hayride. And the cider. And the apple cider donuts. And making applesauce. Ok, i'm excited now.
Also, my brudder is turning 17 in November and has never been on an airplane. I think i'm gonna fly him up for the Needtobreathe concert and tour him around the city, then force him to play guitar at church on Sunday. Brilliant plan if I do say so myself. except for the fact that it means missing the weepies concert
i've got that ridiculously annoying itchy feeling in my nose. and the whole rest of my face.
we went on our navigate retreat this weekend, which was fabulous. who doesn't love being out in the woods all day with your best friends, throwing on a dress in 2 minutes, and being taken out to dinner at the yacht club? not this kid, that's for sure. it was lovely.
what is also lovely is the fall. i am in love with the in between seasons. I think its mostly the air. you can smell everything that nature is doing. and i don't like extremes, so its a nice blend of everything. so apple picking it is!

my bedroom is a vortex for smell. good and bad. when fletch is cooking in the kitchen and i can smell it stronger in my room than the kitchen, it's nice. but when neighbors are smoking various things on the porch, it's not so good.
mark wahlberg works in the cafeteria at gcts.

andrew ripp is the president of a new club i like to call,
"No Freakin' Way, Man. Ain't No Way We Lettin' the Devil Have All the Good Music"


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