Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sittin, waitin, wishin.

How, exactly, do you follow a blog entry about going to Africa?
I thought I would want to come back and write a bunch of stories out, try to paint a picture, and maybe I will at some point, but the mood just hasn't hit me yet. It takes me a lot longer to process the things that i've experienced and learned.

<----My rockstar brother at the concert back home in MD - I taught him everything he knows.

Also, i'm working on a blog entry for a Donald Miller competition. You'll know it when it gets posted here because it will be better written than my typical entry - without tons of dashes and elipses where my brain just pauses and I feel the need to continue hitting keys.

Since Africa, life has been a little crazy. And that, in itself, is crazy because I still don't have a job. Yet somehow, i'm all over the place. Hunting for jobs, applying, interviewing, scrounging part time jobs together for now and taking everything that comes my way. Some days have been super freaking awesome. Some days have been super freaking sucky. I'm waiting to hear back about a lot of jobs, and just feeling a little aimless about where exactly things are headed. I certainly can't stay in this hectic limbo for too much longer.

Here are some pics from a day in Rockport last week with Elisa.
Rockport + cameras + wandering + iced caffeinated drinks + sunshine = good times.

On a more interesting note, I auditioned for a musical on Monday night, got called back Tuesday night, and was offered a part today. It's a great role in the show Once on This Island - and I would loooove to do it, but it would require a lot of missed church community between now and October, AND just to spice life up a little bit, I can't commit until I hear back from some of these job interviews. The job I would LOVE to have would work perfectly with the rehearsal schedule. The job I would not LOVE but would take if I got it would not work with it. I feel like i've been put on hold. The waiting game is not my favorite.

I wish interview results came as quickly as audition results.

<--- This one is fun because I started reading a Bill Bryson book today with a very similar image on the cover. 

I also posted an ad on Craig's List as an amateur baker looking for experience making cakes. I've had 2 wedding cake requests - one that was a little absurdly large and last minute that I didn't feel comfortable committing to, and one that hasn't responded since I sent her photos of my work. BUT, one of the mothers I nanny for commissioned some cupcakes from me this week for a birthday party. THAT was are my teddy graham beach-tastic cupcakes. Please take note that some are swimming and some are lounging on beach towels. 
Note to self: Pretty drink umbrellas are sharp and not the best cupcake accessory for fiesty 2 year olds. 

Anyhoo, that's all i've got for now. Stay tuned for more African stories (someday), job results (hopefully), musical adventures (possibly), and photos (most definitely). 

Monday, July 19, 2010

just a taste...

I went to Africa.
It was beautiful and painful, inspiring and scary, challenging and stirring.
There were moments when I was in absolute awe of the beauty of the city and the ocean, the traditions of the culture, the honor of women’s heads wrapped in colorful scarves, the new flavors of cous cous and tajine.
But other moments I was frustrated with gender issues, scared I would suffer death by taxi, sick of frites being served with every meal, no vegetables, language barriers, and my lack of ability to go out at night or anywhere on my own.
It was a very hot and cold struggle for me for two weeks, but here are some things that I learned or were stirred in me.

-I want to immerse myself in a culture that is not my own and become fluent in a language that is not my own.
-Children bring me joy and I would love to end up in some foreign country working with orphans, teaching them praise songs, or teaching English to school-age kids.
-The love of Christ is so rich and so free. I met so many amazing women, several who love and fear God, but who feel so far away from Him because of their culture’s need to achieve His love and earn points for their salvation. My heart broke for their pure hearts so exhausted by the striving nature of their faith.
-I am so thankful for freedom and vegetables.

I am still processing so much from this trip, but will share as it comes. For now, these are the big things that are lingering on my heart from my 2 weeks abroad.

The job hunt is still on. I had 2 very good interviews this week and have one more scheduled for next week. I already know I was not offered the first job, which was hard because it was the one I was most excited about and felt I had the highest chance of getting. But life continues. I am exhausted of the search, but there is a perfect plan waiting for me to fall into it.

I got a crazy last minute experience to go to Fenway on Thurs night for free. A friend didn’t want the tickets she bid on at our auction, and I got to spend my first MLB game in the Pavillion Box – and it was sweet. Except for the minor fact that the game itself was a bust. It was a lovely first experience.

I’m in Maryland for a nice long weekend. 2 college friends got married on Saturday and it was so great to see bunch of college friends I haven’t seen in way too long. Stickin’ around a few extra days to spend time with family I also haven’t seen in way too long. I played a concert last night at the barn – it was a very casual, last-minute kind of event, and we didn't get a bunch of people to show up, but the people that did blew me away. I got to see a bunch of people from all different random areas of my life - people I didn't I was going to get the chance to see in my brief time at home. But it was great. My brother played some music with his friends to start off the night, then I played some and ended up jamming with people a bit. Music and friends = good times. 

Friday, July 16, 2010

energizer bunny.

I'm being a bad blogger.
Don't worry, I don't really hold it against myself. It's not a character flaw, really. It just means that a lot has been going on and my attention has been focused on other things. I went to Africa. I went to a Red Sox game. I went to a few job interviews. Today, i'm going to Maryland for a wedding. Then i'll probably come back here and go to more job interviews. Lots of going lately.
I'll tell more soon. I have lots of good stories and have learned lots of big things. For now, I have to go make myself look somewhat professional and then climb in a car driving south for way too many hours.

But one thing is for certain.
I love my life.