Saturday, October 23, 2010

all this beauty.

I know, I know.
I'm sorry.
I went on a blogging hiatus. Not intentional. I meant no offense by it, truly.

Let me begin with this insanity:
I heard today that the state of Massachusetts is CHANGING the official night to trick-or-treat to Saturday, Oct 30th rather than on Halloween itself.
How can this be allowed?
Speaking of Halloween, we're having an awesome party. Halloween + Matt's birthday = awesome blossom time.
Our Halloween party last year is one of my favorite memories from my apartment. Costumes, friends, food, and tons of dancing. I'm expecting nothing less for this year, plus the added bonus of birthday celebrating as well.
I've been working on costumes for Elisa and myself. We're going as Betty Rubble and Wilma Flintstone. I bought sheets at Savers and cut them up and sewed us into them. Still trying to figure out what i'm gonna do about that bright orange hair for Wilma.
I also finally uploaded some photos that i've taken lately. Life has been a little crazy. I'm still loving my job and leading worship and Navigate. They are all very life-giving things right now, but i'm a little sad at my lack of time and ability to be writing music and doing some other more creative things. Maybe that's why I'm sewing these costumes by hand and staying up way too late doing it.
I'm getting way super pumped for my brother to come up the first weekend in November. Super duper pumped.

I was off coffee for a month, and am back on the train again - but trying my hardest (although not always successful) not to purchase it. I want it to be a treat because I like it, but not a "habit" or something I need and crave every morning. So far, so good. 

Now i'm drawing a blank, so i'll just share some photos.

This was apple picking in a nutshell.
Now onto gorgeous Lynch Park.

I love this beauty.