Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I am oh so grouchy but oh so stinkin blessed.



I think i'm about to make a pretty irresponsible purchase.
But something in me says that if I first announce that it is irresponsible, then at least I have been responsible in gauging the level of responsibility in my own actions.
Still with me?

I want this.
(Insert three year old puppy dog eyes and pouty lips, which I have never been able to master without looking like a complete idiot.)


In the midst of the desire to purchase such a nice piece of equipment, I also need to remember my need to pay off student loans, credit card bills, the rest of my trip to N.Africa, a plane ticket home for my sisters wedding, a dress for my sisters wedding, the rent, and of course my coffee expenses. 

Being responsible is exhausting. 
"i am a little sad because you're making grumpy faces at me." -Riley

Well, of course i'm making grumpy faces. I've been job searching the past few days for something other than childcare and as it turns out, my resume says i'm oh so qualified for a job as a nanny and not much else. Something will come up, I know. But job searching is a job in and of itself.

So yes, I am making some grumpy faces.
But grumpy faces don't last forever.
Especially when there is a vacation planned for next week.