Monday, September 27, 2010

don't forget to clean up the popo.

I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit.
But I also believe that when the Holy Spirit leads you to give up coffee for an unspecified amount of time, it's ok to have a mini Reese's cup at your desk before 9am as a little pick-me-up.

Today, I woke up with 2 bug bites. One on each kneecap. How does this happen?

So much for a restful weekend. You know, getting over a cold, wanting to rest up some more just to be sure.

Friday night, I went to Erica's Orphan for a Night event - it was beautiful. It was small and intimate, but still super powerful. Jim Trick is awesome. And I want to take voice lessons with his wife. (i just gotta find some time and money - i'll be checking the couch cushions tonight) And I love that the Holy Spirit shows up even when there's just a few of us. You don't need the multitudes for a power hour. We sat on cardboard boxes and were surrounded by candles. Humble, yet elegant.

Saturday, I slept in too late (because I had gone to be too late), but was pretty productive for the day. Got laundry done, took care of someone else's dogs (more specifically, 2 bulldogs who live in the same home but cannot be in the same room together - joy.), cleaned my room, and then messed it up again as I started but still have not completed the transition from summer to winter clothes. Then I babysat and afterwards caught the tail end of a clam bake with the Puz's. (shoutout to Nicole, who is undoubtedly reading this blog with bated breath - she lives for the updates on my life. but come on now, who doesn't?)

Sunday was our long-awaited apple picking day (pictures to come), which was lovely, but also turned into a rousing game of "How Many Loops Around the North Shore Can We Do?" Drove out in the morning to the farm in Ipswich - weather was great, apples were great, friends are great, taking photos is great. Cider donuts are fabulous. Then we drove way out to Guitar Center. Then we went to take care of the dogs - while my lovely friends waited in the car - and back out to Not Your Average Joe's for lunch.
I. Was. Pooped.
So Elisa and I passed out on the couch for a short while before rounding up the troops for church - where I wasn't leading for the 2nd weekend in a row because I had been sick.
But lookout, world. We are gonna melt some faces off next week. Get pumped.
Then some peeps came over after church to make apple sauce and crisp and do some "Navigate reading" - where I stayed up too late yet again. Now it's Monday morning and i'm dragginnnnnn...

Wait, what? How did that second piece of chocolate end up in my hands.....?


  1. Gaaahahha! I love it! I wish I had some chocolate right now too..
    oh.. and i want some apple sauce.

  2. Oh, Jenna. I miss you. Let's make apple crisp. And praise Jesus that the baby is sleeping this morning; I just took an hour-long nap.

  3. I can't wait for my face to be melted off Sunday...although I don't really know what in the world that means. Although I do have a sweet deeper spiritual meaning I have come up with that I am at least going to apply to it.