Monday, May 3, 2010


I'm not a big "emoticon" user - I'd like to say that i'm a little more organic in my writing style. As organic as you can be via internet chat, I suppose. I don't use a lot of smilies or hearts, maybe a random "lol" here and there.
A friend of mine recently used this emoticon in conversation:


I didn't understand what it meant, and as it turns out, he invented it. He proceeded to tell me that it could represent a wealth of different emotions. Because I wasn't satisfied with its ambiguous nature and its lopsided nose, I created my own.


When asked about the meaning of my newly-invented emoticon, I replied,
"It means I have two eyes and no idea what i'm feeling." 

I think this is a fairly accurate statement for my life lately.
Or, perhaps more accurately, i'm feeling lots of things and don't really know which to focus on.
Let's make a list:
Joy, Anxiety, Peace, Uncertainty, Anticipation, Frustration, Excitement, Discontent, Impatience, Independence...just to name a few.
It's a pretty broad spectrum of emotion, which I admit is fairly typical of 20-somethings, women, and all other human beings, but I still feel like I'm on the cusp of something that needs to get figured out. Something needs to transition. I'm at a point in my schedule, in my heart, in my life, where something needs to take a turn. Something new needs to happen. I'm learning to trust and *starting* to learn to be patient. But I feel like i'm sitting on the edge of a new season and need a little push to get it going.

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