Thursday, May 6, 2010

Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent...

I lost a kid today.
Clarification: He ran away from me.
I changed his name to Disaster.
I actually had to call a mother and say something to the effect of, "Hi, this isn't going to sound great, but I think Disaster is hiding from me."

We were on the porch about to walk to the elementary school to pick up his brother when he starts throwing a fit that he wants to drive and not walk. Not having my keys on me or the car seat in the car, I tried to convince him that we needed to get going. Walking to the elementary school is not a new feat or adventure. Everyday, he walks the 2 blocks to get his brother. But that wasn't working. And I ultimately decided, with storm clouds rolling in, that maybe it was wiser to restrain a tantrum-ing 5 year old in my car than take him whining and kicking up to the school and back. I already have to threaten him with a pink hair ribbon not to run out into the street without me. (You think i'm joking...the kid is gonna get himself hit by a car one day. Hence the name change to Disaster. But for some reason, warning him that i'll make him wear a pink bow in his hair works. I go with what works.)

Anyway, here we are on the porch and I decide to run in and grab my keys and the car seat. Done it hundreds of times with this kid. But this time, he gets the wise idea to not be there when I get back. I assume he is hiding - I calm (enough) because I know that he is hiding and just being punky. But after looking in the cars, under the porches, in the back yard, and inside the house, and with his brother needing to be picked up from school, I have not choice but to call the mother.

She seems pretty calm. He's having a rough time with dad out of town and seems to be rebelling like this more and more (sure, that's comforting...) but she tells me a few places to look and not to worry about the older brother because he will just walk home if he doesn't see us there. About a minute later, Disaster and older brother come screaming down the hill. He had run away on his own to get his brother from school. (Wait a minute, I thought I ran in the house to get my keys because he refused to walk...)

So now I have a worried, angry mom on the phone (although thankfully not angry at me), a 5 year old yelling at me that I was a slow poke and how could I not come top pick up brother at school, and an 8 year old with Asperger's wondering why his lame-o babysitter sent the 5 year old to pick him up at school.


Praise God for birthday coupons to Not Your Average Joe's.
Peanut Butter Thing, here I come.

Also, the memory card for my camera came today.
Not the camera.
What exactly am I supposed to do with that?
Somewhat counterintuitive, don't you think,

And, it only makes sense that I keep posting songs.

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