Monday, May 17, 2010

they call me Jenna Renegade

The Roller Derby was super fantastic.
Saturday, a group of about 16 of us headed out to Wilmington to check out the Roller Derby to celebrate mine and Alexis' birthdays last week. It was intense. And wonderful. I gave up taking pictures fairly quickly, so I haven't even tried uploading them yet. But I will tell you that the first "bout" was between the Wicked Pissahs and the Cosmonaughties and the second "bout" was between the Boston Massacre and the Oly Rollers. That's just to give you a little taste of the intensity that is the Boston Derby Dames.
And I bought a tshirt.
Plus there was an "after party" where we may or may not have danced our butts off and enjoyed some of the BEST people watching I have ever experienced.

As a whole, birthday week was fabulous.
I did some shopping, some hanging with friends, went to a play, got a pedicure, went to the roller derby, and OH YEAH, found out about a killer job at Gordon that I super duper want. (But yet somehow, i'm trying not to get tooo excited about - fail.)
Drumroll please...

Administrative Assistant to the Music Department

Look this up in the dictionary, and there is most definitely a picture of me right beside it. When I got the tipoff about the job (on my birthday, might I add), I printed the application, my resume, and cover letter, and drove it to Gordon myself. The HR guy was shocked at how quickly I had responded, and even recognized my name from when I applied for a job there last year.
I'm still interviewing for full time nanny positions, and had one yesterday that seemed like it could be great. But those all fall short when held up next to this doozy. I'm trying to find the balance in getting excited about this job and really keeping an open heart to whatever the heck God is going to do with this situation, because it is seriously all in His hands at this point.

Here are some photos from sitting last week and Matt's play -

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