Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's 9am and the sky is clear and blue as can be. The sun is shining and it's about 65. It's going to be about 75 all day while i'm here watching Miya. We will most certainly be heading outside to walk, play, and maybe even go for a drive. This day is ideal.

Wanna know what else is ideal? It's supposed to thunderstorm tonight. Big time.

"Someone told me long ago, there's a calm before the storm. I know, it's been coming for some time."

I realize that Nashville right now is devastated with flooding and Boston is in uproar without clean water to drink, but I cannot wait for this storm. I love summer storms. And we've been needing some of that cool fresh air to come sweeping through. In honor of the coming storm, i'm posting more Patty Griffin because I can't get enough of her and I happen to have "Rain" stuck in my head.

Also, I ordered my camera finally. Should be here for my birthday, just in time for great roller derby pictures and lots of blog-o-riffic photos for your viewing pleasure. Get pumped.


  1. I feel the exact same way (regarding what you wrote on my blog). It's nice to keep up with what you're doing!

    It's gorgeous here as well and we're supposed to have some t-storms on the way and I do hope they get here!