Monday, April 26, 2010

rollerblading auctioneers?!?

i feel like maybe i'll be able to think straight again - at least for a little while.

Anchor Rising was a blast and we raised a lot of money for our North Africa trip. It was a cool experience to dream up such a big event and really plan and carry it out - Dinner, live auction, silent auction, and concert all wrapped up into one evening. We were so blessed with some great donations of auction items - and now we're only $1200 away from having ALL of our funds for 16 people to fly to Africa. God is so good. Auctioneers should always wear rollerblades.
Sound Check - Dayla makes me sound 10x better
How did I end up with such gorgeous, wonderfully talented, helpful friends?
Best dancing & roller blading auctioneers of all time. 
African Curry and auction time.
Concert time.
Cookin up some African Curry.

So without a bajillion auction-related details running through my head, i'm suddenly freed up to continue thinking about my 6 part-time jobs and job hunting for something full-time before Africa again. I'm supposed to hear back about a job on Friday that I interviewed for last week. After the rejection I experienced from the last interview, i'm being a lot wiser about not getting so attached to this one. That was somewhat sarcastic - I did get too attached to a job I thought I was going to be offered, and I didn't it. But i'm finding a new peace about the situation. Not total contentment and joy, but more peace than before. If i'm supposed to suck it up and do the part time shuffle a while longer, I can do it. Lord knows i'm dying to get out of it - but His timing is so much better than mine.

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  1. job hunting is so hard. I'll pray that you find the best job for you...or that it finds you!