Saturday, April 10, 2010

how sweet it is.

i'm in og and realizing how good rest really is.
it involves being really lazy, laying people couches watching silly tv, sitting at barnes and noble for 3.5 hours, playing mario kart, cooking dinner, eating at surf taco, getting strollos.
rest is good.
separation from the real world once and again (with the occasional email checking, of course) is good.
it's refreshing.

i had an interview with a staffing agency in boston on wednesday before hopping on a plane thursday morning for my vacay. the interview went well, and I left feeling confident that these people would find me consistent work whenever i gave them the go ahead. it felt good to know that there was a definite job option, but also left me with a lot of questions about scheduling before leaving the country in june and my sister's wedding right before that. not to mention commuting costs and whether or not i'd make it very long in the world of corporate boston. so i left town with lots of questions, but excited to get away and clear my mind, do some praying about it all...
and what do you know? i get 2 calls/emails from jobs i've applied to wanting to set up interviews for next week. jobs that are much closer to home and much more appealing at this point. and up til now, hardly anyone has responded at all to my sending of resumes. so this is nice - and God always works like this. you let down your guard and rest and let Him take charge of things, take your hand off the wheel a bit and His provision starts flowing in. so we'll see how it all goes.

church tomorrow and speaking at youth group - then chillin on monday and headin back to the Bev.
rest. is. so. good.

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