Wednesday, April 7, 2010

goodnight, beverly.

heading out in the'll find out where soon enough.
i love flying.
it makes me feel all independent and adventurous.
except it's only 274 miles away....(that was a hint)

on a different note:
Whyyyy do I keep watching LOST?
It drives me insane.
I have no idea what is happening.
But similar to how the characters have some kind of strange pull back to the island, I have some kind of sick pull to keep watching it every week. I have this completely irrational fear that I will somehow fall behind by missing a week when really, I have no idea what is going on anyway. You could probably show me an episode from season 4 and I wouldn't know the difference. I can't even remember which season I started watching in.

but it doesn't matter because i'm sleeping with the windows open tonight and getting on a plane tomorrow.

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