Wednesday, April 7, 2010

rock me, amadeus

i'm trekking into the city today.
i'm taking the commuter rail.
all by myself.
like a real adult.
for an interview with a staffing agency.

This may all seem simple. I've been living 3 blocks away from the commuter rail for a year and a half now. This should be a common occurrence in my life, but it really just doesn't happen. I haven't really needed to use it. Elisa and I went into the city on Saturday to make sure I knew where I was going and how to get to the office, but this is exciting. Me, Little Miss Independent, is taking her first big girl trip into the city for her first big girl interview. Why it hasn't happened until now, I have no idea. I'm super lame.

But i'm also excited. This interview means maybe breaking out of the childcare field, which has been awesome, but it's time to build up my resume up for something other than nannying. And it also just means feeling like I'm actually an adult living just North of Boston.

So a morning with Riley, an afternoon in the city, a possible train ride home with Bonnie, Navigate, and packing up for VACAY tomorrow morning. It cannot come soon enough...

ALSO! I just paid off my credit card that I took out to buy my car 1 year ago. It was a cheap car and I paid half credit card and half cash...and it's done!!! I'm still paying off repairs that have happened since I bought it, and i'm not so happy with my car right now...but yay for paying off a credit card!!!
I also made a deal with myself that if I was willing to buy this new camera, I had to be willing to pay off the rest of that card in one fell swoop. And there you have it...Amadeus, one year old, paid off, and causing me more troubles than I can count....

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  1. Yay for a big girl interview! Enjoy your adventure into the city!

    Oh and enjoy your vacation!

    ps. im going to wilmington this weekend, otherwise i'd totally crash.