Friday, April 1, 2011

A few random points.

A few random points for Friday:

-I'm entering into this season of support-raising for my life CREDIT CARD DEBT FREE.
-I'm playing coffeehouses tonight, next fri, the following saturday, and then on the 30th. i might be a rockstar.
-I need to get a new guitar case tomorrow, as mine has lost 2 of the 3 hinges on the back.
-I'm gonna bake a really delicious cake this weekend for a co-workers bday. i'm thinkin chocolate strawberry.
-my life is really busy right now. really busy.
-i have entered so much data into the computer today that my eyes are starting to go funny.
-this might be due in part to my lack of caffeine since yesterday. dull headache, nothing too horrible. but i had cappucino froyo at lunch today. does that count?

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