Monday, April 25, 2011


If I were to title this past weekend, it would be called:
"How Many Baking Projects Can One Girl Attempt in a Weekend?"
and, consequently:
"How Many Dishes Can One Girl Dirty in a Weekend?"
The answers would be 2 batches of cake pops (stupid) and one chocolate strawberry cake.
The results: delicious. But I don't wanna bake anything again for weeks.
So gaze lovingly, but no requests, please.
Not yet.... ;)

My first attempt at cake pops - flavor of choice: Chocolate Peanut Butter.
Cake pops are delicious. They are fun. They are adorable.
They are tedious.
Do not ever attempt to make 2 batches in one weekend (especially if you're also making a normal cake.)
And do not expect to sit down and make cake pops. There is significant cooling/waiting/freezing/setting/praying in between each step. They took a while.
But man alive are they delicious.

My second attempt at chocolate strawberry cake - less oozy, and then again, not so much.
Layer #1: Last time, the strawberries and stuff oozed out between the layers of cake, leaving it sitting in a puddle of strawberry goop. Still delicious. My remedy: A chocolate wall.
If only all the world's problems could be solved that way.
Then the rest of the cake happened.
The strawberries on top, after very little time passed, decided to ooze all over the top of the cake and then down the sides. Doesn't matter. It was delicious. Someday i'll figure out how to stop it from oozing. But until then, a messy chocolate strawberry cake is better than no chocolate strawberry cake at all. 


  1. those look so pretty and delicious. and like hard work. I wonder if the acid in strawberries makes the icing melt?

  2. I've been watching Marcel's Quantum kitchen, which has inspired me. You should gellify the strawberry juices. It should be pretty easy. Just refridgerate the cake for a bit. I dunno. It's worth a shot.