Monday, April 11, 2011

oh what a weekend.

oh what a weekend.
what didnt i do?
Friday was a coffeehouse/open mic night in lynn. It was quite an adventure. then some quality time with future roommates.
Saturday - oh saturday - took my car to get inspected and get a brakelight, quick thrift store run, phone-a-thon for Anchor Rising, paying wayyyy more money than i had anticipated on my car because i needed a new exhaust system, a baby shower, a birthday party, and bed.
Sunday - church, finished a movie, fell asleep, went out to the movies, did laundry, watched another movie.

i'm bummed about the car.
i'm bummed about not being credit card debt free anymore.
i'm nervous about needing to buy a new car sometime soon.
i'm getting increasingly nervous about support raising. i'm gonna get to india no problem. but i'm growing increasingly anxious about raising support for my life. i'm in a funk. i'm tired.
i need out of this mood.


  1. I'm familiar with that mood,
    and I'm sad about your funk.
    take heart friend.

  2. :( to your recent money thoughts.
    but :) to the fact that I am coming to BOSTON this weekend!!!! Are you around?!?!? My dad is running the marathon.