Thursday, March 31, 2011

Operation: Rehydration

Dear Blogging World,
I'm going to attempt something that I have attempted in the past but hope to make last longer this time around. It isn't going to be easy. It might be painful. I might be angry. I might want to punch someone in the face. I might have headaches and be sleepy for a while. But i'm going to stop drinking this:

and start drinking 10x more of this:
I know what you're thinking. You're racing with questions like the following:
How will you survive?
How will you get through your day?
Are you crazy?
Aren't you going to miss it?
How long can this possibly last?

The answers to these questions are as follows:
By grace alone.
Heck yes.
I have no clue.

The truth is, I think i'm killing my vocal chords.
I can't belt like I used to.
And believe me, I try often in the car.
I get tired so much faster and just don't have the UMPH in my upper range.
I just don't have the kind of control and strength I used to.
A lot of this is due to being out of practice. The singing I do from week to week is not necessarily "correct" - and in combination with the amount of caffeine I consume, the results are not positive. If I were teaching lessons again and warming up properly each day, i'd probably be a bit better of than I am now, but I still do not drink nearly enough water for the amount of caffeine I drink. 
So i'm dropping it. 
For who knows how long. 
This past Fall, I kicked it for 4 weeks. It was kind of sad, but I know it's possible. The bummer thing was that once my body stopped craving the caffeine, I still missed the taste of coffee. 
But OPERATION: REHYDRATION of the vocal chords is in full swing starting today.
And you get a front row seat.
Please, try to contain your excitement.


  1. love the name! operations: rehydration! that's awesome! good luck, totally mind over matter!

  2. so I gave up caffeine for lent last year and failed horribly. You are a braver soul than I miss Jenna.