Monday, March 7, 2011

buckle your seatbelts.

oh, hello there.
i think maybe you thought i had forgotten that i had a blog.
you were wrong.
i often think to myself, "gee, i wish i had time to update my blog. i wish i had something clever, witty, and inspirational to say."
well, i don't.
but i will let you know what i've been up to.

i went to rhode island to visit jaime and nate. it just so happens that my high school bff had to move to rhode island for a few months with her marinated husband.
no wait, that's not right.
he's a marine. and i'm oh so thankful for it, because it means i got to see my jaime.
so i drove to rhode island in a twilight zone-eque snowy haze. my car didn't like it much and is still recovering. (you can pray for him - he seems sick.)
we went to see seals, and a beautiful lighthouse. and i had left my camera in jersey, so you get to see the high quality photos my phone takes.

i finally got to meet their dog, daisy, who i was told doesn't like to snuggle. 
don't worry, i taught her a few things. 
we also played trains (i schooled the southerners) and dread pirate (nate was too tired to do his pirate voice) and we made A-freaking-mazing cookies.
if you ever can't decide between a cookie and a brownie. THIS is what you make. 
then jaime and i came back up to the bev, nate met us later, i sent them to not your average joe's (you're welcome) and then they came to church! it was lovely.

this past weekend involved way too many good things. 
number one: bonnie's 30th birthday party.
theme: prince and princess.
cake decorator: moi.

the award for most fab 80's princess dress found at the thrift store for $6.99: moi.

please try not to be too jealous when i tell you there's a huge satin bow in the back. 

THEN Angela came to visit all the way from oklahoma. it was grand. it involved friends, trains, way too much indian food, frozen yogurt, stephy's, and the beach. 

and now, ladies and gentlemen, we are back to the daily grind. and march is madness. it is gonna be a crazy month. buckle your seatbelts. 


  1. PLEASE show up in that dress next Monday the girls will loose their very minds.

  2. If this dress is wrong, I don't want you to be right.

  3. I say "YES" to the dress. And PLEASE share some of your cake/baking skillz. You da cake master flex.

  4. i AM jealous, seriously, I'm not lying.
    And Jenna you are one fabulous cake decorator!

    A visit to Beantown sounds soooo good and that could possibly be a good weekend...don't get your hopes up, school is crazy, but I want to go to Boston so bad to see my sweet friend who sang at my wedding TWO YEARS ago (I have Augustana stuck in my head now). I heart you friend and love your blog .