Tuesday, August 3, 2010

When it rains, it pours.

The holding pattern has ceased.
I was offered 2 positions and have chosen one.
I have turned down the awesome role in the musical.

The first position was a job as an office assistant to a psychiatrist. While slightly appealing in some very minor ways, I decided against this offer.
On Friday afternoon, I got a call from Human Resources at Gordon-Conwell telling me that although they were very impressed with me, I was not selected for the job in Registration. However, if I would like to come in that afternoon for an interview, there is another office who has heard about me and would like to interview me. I let them know that I would love to come but had a deadline by Monday to make a decision about the psychiatrist job. I went in for the interview, loved the people, and got called before I even got back home that I was offered the position. As it turns out, the first office I had interviewed with had given me a glowing recommendation to this new office, who promptly told HR that if I didn't get hired for the job in Registration, they would like to interview me in the Financial office.

I am now the Cashier at Gordon-Conwell.
I start Monday and I couldn't be happier.
Well, except for actually having to dress like an adult and losing free laundry access at Casa Baird.

God works in crazy ways.

After all of this job nonsense, I turned down the role in the musical. I'm still a little bummed about this - i've been wanting to get back into theater for a while, and was so excited to be offered a part. (I'm learning more and more how difficult it is to turn down people who compliment you and encourage your ego.) But I just never really had peace about doing the show. I kept telling myself, "it's only 3 months, it's only 3 months," but it would have meant missing out on a lot of crucial community, and i'm already coming out of a summer where I haven't felt like i've been in any kind of groove lately. I'm feeling the need to get back into that groove - and starting a new job and a new musical in the same week just wasn't going to help that. I'll probably go audition again sometime soon - and pray for a schedule and timing that works better. I'm also still waiting on this CD to get finished, and when it does I want to be free to promote it and play out and all that jazz.

So I followed David Burke's advice: "No peace, no go." At least now I know I can do it, and there are options out there for me - this just wasn't the one.

I gotta go back to posting a video with each blog.
I can't say that I love rap music, but I love Heath McNease. He's hilarious and a genius. This one, not so hilarious. This one is rich.


  1. You can still do laundry at Casa Baird ... you just gotta drive to Canada.

  2. congrats on the job, so cool you are working for gordon-conwell! there are some alumni here at PTS!