Saturday, August 14, 2010

so, are you a seminary wife?

No, I'm not a seminary wife.
Evidently that isn't typical for where I work - and i'm getting funny glances that seem to say, "and you work here....why?"

I just finished my first full week as the Cashier in Student Accounts at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.
Lifelong dream of mine?
2 year prayer for a full-time job fulfilled beyond what I could have dreamed of?

Basically, my new job is like being a bank teller...but at a seminary. I sit at a window and take payments from students and all different kinds of offices on campus. Pretty much, if you write a check to the seminary, it makes its way to me and I have the joy of entering it into the computer (i'm learning 3 + new computer programs), counting it, re-counting it, making deposits, copying checks....

I love that I get to interact with the students. I love the people in my office. I love working in a place where going to chapel is part of the job in the middle of the workday.
Here are some classy pics of my oh so standard office area (taken with my phone):
My chair, computer, limited counter space, the window with the shade down, and cheat sheets on the wall for entering things into the computer. 

My tall wall looking out into the rest of the office, adorned with my pending box and the cashier's handbook.

My new favorite lunch spot. 

Things i'm still adjusting to:
-My schedule is the same every day. I don't have to fall asleep reminding me of the next day's schedule, what time I need to wake up, and which 3 homes I need to be at.
-What the heck to do with an hour for lunch. I don't know a ton of people yet, and I can eat lunch in well under 30 minutes - i'm so used to eating with children and eating quickly, that i'm swimming in extra time at my lunch break.
-Oh, and my supervisor will be on vacation all next week - so we'll see how much I've actually learned and retained this week.

Moral of the story: i'm loving the consistency.

side note: new people moved in on the floor above us and they're LOUD. a little worried.

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  1. "are you a seminary wife?" HAHAHAHAHA
    Oh friend, I'm asked that all the time and I have to say, "no I have a seminary husband." :) Love to you, glad you like your job!