Friday, August 20, 2010

my heart and mind will not agree.

I'm at work this morning - I know, I know, why am I on the computer updating my blog? Because it is just that slow. Last week was a little crazy because I was training during a week with both Rent and Tuition payment deadlines. Lots of students at the window last minute, and lots of new things to learn. It was great - it forced me to get comfortable enough with the systems to do things (mostly) on my own this week after everyone left. My supervisor is gone, her supervisor is gone, another woman in my office just got back yesterday, and our student worker left Wednesday. It has been pretty empty in here. And because we're in the limbo weeks between Summer and Fall semesters, not a lot is going on. I'm ok with it - with supervisors gone, it has been good to know that the stress level is down and most things I have questions about can wait til they get back.
I am, however, told that in a short while, this will all be just lovely memory from the past - that as soon as students start to show up around here and Fall gets into full swing, my job will get pretty crazy. When it's that time, bring it on. Until then, i'm chillin with my coffee and my blog and Needtobreathe playing through my iPod headphones on my desk until it's time to open the window for students. I don't even have any voicemails to return.

I am finally making friends around here - that sounds so lame, but there aren't many students around yet, and just hadn't met many people yet. But the ladies in Admissions are lovely and let me sit at their lunch table every day for a small fee (kidding). I'm starting to feel good and starting to find my niche a little bit around here and i'm still loving the consistency. It's amazing how quickly I fell into a morning routine. I'm obeying the alarm clock more than I had been (we'll see how long that lasts), shower, start the coffee, grab breakfast and take it back to my room to check email/weather/twitter/facebook (the essentials), get dressed, go make my coffee mug and lunch, then finish getting ready. Then I hit the road, jack. And the drive is lovely. New England back roads - I can't wait til the leaves change. It will be GORGEOUS.

The beauty of this job in the summer is being able to take shorter lunches and leave at 2:30pm on Fridays - Elisa and I (assuming she's feeling better) will be hopping in a car right after that the trek down to Ocean Grove. I could not be more excited and it could not come at a better time. My brain is absolutely full. New job, end of summer, transitioning into fall, lots of things going on up there in that noggin of mine and I definitely need the time to step back and clear it out a bit. PLUS the people there just make me feel so good. I'll get to spend time with kids and staff and friends and family and it is SURE to be good for my soul.

My computer is on the fritz and I desperately need to take it to the apple store to have someone look at it, but haven't had the chance yet. Keeps freezing and then not wanting to restart - I realized late last night that today is the deadline for the Donald Miller blog contest and I need to get my entry in. It's already written, so let's hope i'm able to restart my computer later and get it up here before hitting the road after work. If so, you might be getting 2 blogs from me in a day.

Lucky you.

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