Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Morning Dreams

Today's dream: an Etsy store.
Technically, I already have one. There just aren't any items in it yet.
Monday morning dreams are always a little wishy-washy. I come in to work after the weekend, coffee in hand, music playing, right after having worshipped my guts out at church the night before, and i'm just so ready for dreaming and scheming. Monday morning dreams tend to be forgotten by the time Tuesday rolls around. But having my own Etsy store is something i've been dreaming of much more frequently than just on Monday mornings.
Am I crafty and creative? Heck yes.
Do I have any idea what i'd like to sell in said Etsy store? Nope.
Do I have lots of extra time to make lovely things and post them and ship them to people who are silly enough to purchase them? In your dreams.

But as I came in to work today and checked in on my favorite blogs, I was re-inspired by my friend Megan's store....(She has some of the best looking models on the whole site.) Here is my store. Why don't you hop on over and take a look for some inspiration? Maybe take a moment to imagine what kind of lovely things could be there. Lovely things you would like to purchased for yourself and your loved ones. 
I'm also dreaming and scheming about other things that can't quite be discussed fully at this time, but I could definitely use prayer for them. I know, I know - way to be vague. I just want to keep you coming back...I look forward to your Etsy ideas.

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