Friday, January 7, 2011

having my cake.

Let me tell you - this is a good moment. I am officially caught up. There is nothing in my inbox that I can do right now without some info that I awaiting. This is a good feeling. Since returning from the break, I have had an overflowing amount of work. It hasn't been stressful, per say, because it's J-term and most students aren't around, so the window hasn't been crazy. But there hasn't been a break. But I have overcome the overflow. And am now feeling uber-accomplished. It only took 3.5 days.
I surprised myself, though - I was dreading the first day back to work like anyone else after the break. I had gotten so lazy - I was staying up late and sleeping in even later, so I knew Monday morning would be quite the task. But as soon as I got to work, I instantly dove right into the pile of stuff on my desk. My co-workers were all chatting about their breaks, travelling, spending time with family, opening presents, etc, and i'm over here in my little corner slamming away on this ridiculous pile of work. I realized that my brain had been so shut off to anything task-oriented or detail-oriented over the break - I had gotten into a rut of being so lazy and watching so much tv - that it was seriously craving something tangible and administrative to accomplish. But now i'm exhausted. Now it feels good for that pile to be gone and to feel more relaxed about the average amount of things to get done.

In addition to feeling caught up, I have also tackled the feat of covering a cake in fondant. (At home, though, not at work) I definitely have a lot to learn, but I am also very pleased with how it turned out for my first try. I brought it to work today so everyone could make oooohs and ahhhs and yummy noises, so we'll see if it actually holds up or tastes good. But how could it not? It's a cake. Covered in icing. And then covered in a layer of sugar and marshmallow playdough.

Come on, people. What's not to love?


  1. You're so brilliant. What can't you do? Maybe you can come down in september to celebrate my birthday and make me an utterly fabulous birthday cake.

  2. Woah!! That looks so good!! Good job Jenna!

  3. Ummm, that cake looks SO delish! And SO impressive!!!! Gotta go check out this etsy page!
    PS. lunch Wednesday at the great CGTS? possible?