Monday, February 6, 2012


I am a horrible blogger. Or maybe the last few months have been crazy. Or not crazy enough to feel the need to post. The world may never know. But you know what I realized about not blogging? There are a few lives that I haven't been keeping up with the way that I used to and I miss that. SO, here are some updates about me to tide you over (and by "you" i mean the 2 people who may possibly read this) until I write a real entry. I have a few brewing.

- God is good. All the time.

- Jesus bought be a car. I'm pretty sure i'm getting it this weekend, including a visit from my dad. Pictures and stories to come.

- I got my tattoo fixed. My tattoo is a story i've been dying to write about. Because it sure is a story. One that has been brewing for over a year now. More to come soon.

- We had our missions conference, World Mandate, this past weekend and it was amazing. So amazing. I'm exhausted and still processing all the things I feel like God downloaded this weekend, but man am I encouraged.

- I am consistently blessed and blown away by my community here and by my friends. I hope I don't jinx it all by saying this, but I love my friends and I love this place where I live. I love community. I love being close to the water, close to the city, and in cutesy New England. And I love walking to my friends houses. I love spending all day Sunday with friends after church, making meals and being lazy and living life together.

- I am intentionally trying to get my Spanish skills back. Or more skills than I ever possessed. I switched my Facebook settings to Spanish. I bought a Spanish verbs workbook. I stole Rosetta Stone from my friend. I bought a killer looking headset with which to work on Rosetta Stone. I google and wiki different cities and villages in Spain and the Canary Islands all the time to learn about the culture and the amount of outreach happening there. Did you know that Spain is the least evangelized Spanish-speaking country?

- I'm a little sad i'm not going on a missions trip this summer. I'm getting the travel bug - trying to figure out where else I can get to in the near future.

- I'm still raising monthly support for my ministry role. God has been super faithful, and i'm currently at 65-70% of my  monthly support-raising goal, but still need to work hard at getting these numbers up so I can keep doing what i'm doing.

- God is stirring and moving in worship at the harbor and i'm in the process of dreaming/vision-casting for a new worship series. Get pumped.

Ok, that's good for starters.
Go do something that makes you smile.

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