Monday, May 2, 2011


DISCLAIMER: It is embarassing how disconnected I am with world news and current events. Rarely do I take any political stance or engage in any in-depth conversations about political issues or current events. Any opinions I have are real and from the heart, but far from well-educated or well-informed.

The Facebook statuses that filled my newsfeed last night and this morning are still weighing on my heart. In the news of the death of Bin Laden may be found some justice for families and citizens whose lives have been deeply devastated by the acts of his group. Some may feel a sense of relief, of validation, of security now that he is gone. But this relief, this security, is false. This is not victory. We are not the victorious. There is only One who is truly just, only One who yields true Victory. The level of celebration in our country today is only a sad reminder to me how far we are from understanding real Victory. Innocent or guilty, I cannot bring myself to celebrate death, for I am just as deserving. Only one death brought victory and only one death is worthy of my celebration.

Father, teach us to love. Teach us to celebrate peace and justice rather than death and retaliation. In the midst of pain and chaos and devastating events, reveal to us daily the truth of who You are and remind us of Your presence. Bring Light to the dark and remind us that You have not left, that You are present, and that Your heart breaks for Your people. Remind us to look to You for a true example of justice and victory. We are a wounded people eager to pass blame, but You have already taken it all. We are deserving of death, yet You offer us life. Help us to live as though we actually understand and receive this gift.

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  1. we're on the save wave length Jenna.
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