Friday, December 10, 2010

musings on creation.

yesterday was pretty fabulous.

I came home from work, played a little guitar to plan for Sunday's worship set (I have too many songs, which is the best problem to have), then our first netflix movie had arrived (yayyyyy for netflix), so i had the joy of watching Yentl....after months of talking with Elisa about wanting to watch it. Why do we love the movie so much? I can't quite put my finger on it, but i'm sure it has something to do with Mandy Patinkin. And the best part was that the roommates got sucked in, too. Surprisingly, Sam couldn't get enough. And then we ordered Indian food for roommate Christmas/hangout/Sarah's birthday night. But we didn't do many Christmassy things because it was 24 stinkin degrees outside and no one wants to go get a tree or go to the basement to get decorations in the arctic. So we curled up with Yentl and Chicken Tikka Masala and my heart got really excited to be going to India this summer. And my intestines are praying for the strength to endure the spice. Then Sam and Sarah went off to study and Elisa and I watched White Christmas. I fell asleep, but the good chunk that I watched made my heart even warmer.

Especially this:

This weekend will be filled with Narnia (maybe), lunch with girlfriends and Elisa's grandma Stella (adorable), christmas party at the Sturgeon's (oh how i miss them) and church Sunday. It seems that warm, fuzzy feelings will continue. Which is wonderful, considering the 14 degree weather that greeted me this morning.

Musings on Creation:
I was sitting in bed this morning, reading Acts, and eating a clementine. I love Acts, but kept getting distracted by my clementine. Do you realize how perfect an orange is? It was ideally created for snacking. I was suddenly struck by the fact that there is no way that this orange just existed or evolved on its own.Someone constructed it perfectly - I mean, it has a protective covering, and then each slice is delicately wrapped so that you can peel apart and eat each piece. It leaves the option for sharing, or for saving some for later. AND it's delicious. I used to say that fruit is God's candy. It's beautiful and delicious and perfectly constructed. Look at an orange. How could that just "happen"? Someone designed it, and my tummy delights in His creation.

There is also a paper christmas tree decorating contest at work - each department gets a brown paper christmas tree cutout and you have to decorate it and post it on your door. i dont want to give too much away, but we are so totally gonna win. i'll post pictures next week when it's all ready to be judged. just you wait.

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  1. I will also be seeing Narnia this long as I get my Hinduism paper done, which I think it just might!

    I also love oranges.

    And I would love to get a nice long facebook message about your plans for India.