Friday, November 19, 2010

to the left of center.

1) I didn't realize that I had made 50 posts in my blog already. This is number fifty one. Really? What have I talked about for 50 posts? Maybe i'll celebrate when I get to 100. Strike that - that's pushing pathetic.

2) I was driving to work today when I suddenly realized how poor the allignment of my car is. How is it that I didn't realize for however long that I need to hold my steering wheel a few degrees to the left in order to keep it driving straight? I've been so mentally consumed with the fact that it almost stalls out at every stoplight to notice that it doesn't even drive in a straight line when the wheel is unattended. I realize a little bit of a curve is probably natural. But this isn't exactly "slight." We're talking some serious "veering" to the right if I let go of the wheel. How is it possible that I did not notice this? Then my thoughts turn to the amount tension my left wrist has been withstanding for however long as I hold the steering wheel in place, to the left of center. (I also noticed that I tend to hold the steering wheel with my left hand - or at least hold it in place with my left while texting, curling my hair, applying lipgloss, and baking a cake with my right. JOKES.)
But then, naturally, on my way to work at 7:45 in the morning, I start thinking about the amount of tension in my life that I cause or that I don't even realize I put up with. This for example - I didn't even realize that I was exerting extra energy to hold my steering wheel in the place it needed to be even while driving straight. Or this morning, I spent way too much time trying to put curl into my hair, which does not naturally enjoy being curled or staying curled. The attitude of my hair as I try to do this is nothing short of tense. "Jenna, we've been through this a million times. I'm straight. And I'm thin. And I don't like curl. You won the war of the bangs, but i'm not letting you have this one."
And then I got to work and these thoughts stop. Anti-climactic, I know. Maybe i'll process these thoughts more someday. But today is Friday.

3) I went to the dentist this afternoon for the first time in about 5 years. College and moving to Mass and lack of good dental insurance have caused major procrastination in this area. It was a fairly good visit, but I always leave the dentist feeling a little confused about where I stand with them. It's kind of like we just had a DTR that really didn't clarify a single thing, and I know i'm going to have to go back to resolve some details, even though there were a few really great moments in the conversation. Congrats on only having one cavity, but we might see more with the x-ray. Stay tuned. You have beautiful teeth, but please come back next week for a big needle filled with novacane and a filling. You have a little gingivitis, but no plaque! You're great at brushing, but let's work on that flossing. You have a beautiful smile, but lets rip out your wisdom teeth. Really, it's not you, it's me....

4) Pumped to be going to the theater tonight (please re-read that sentence with a snobby British accent on the word "theater" - actually, so it's more like "theataah"). Meeting up with a group of friends to go see El Schwab rock it in 2 Gents of Verona in Rockport. Pumped.

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  1. what a great way of putting it, " dtr that really didn't clarify a single thing." brilliant